Reader Comments about Rationality and the Reflective Mind

"Like Keith Stanovich's other work, Rationality and the Reflective Mind is comprehensive, judicious, and insightful. Readers will learn what the fuss about rationality is, why it matters, and how to follow the action as the science unfolds. If Stanovich has his way, readers will witness, and perhaps join, the integration of previously, and sometimes defiantly, isolated research programs."

--Baruch Fischhoff, Howard Heinz University Professor, Department of Social and Decision Sciences and Department of Engineering and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University

"Stanovich follows up his fascinating System 1/System 2 distinction with powerful evidence on rationality, cognitive processing, and the role of individual differences. This powerful new book is critical reading for any scholar interested in the current state of dual process models. "

--Max H. Bazerman, Straus Professor, Harvard Business School and co-author, Judgment and Managerial Decision Making and Negotiation Genius , Co-author, Judgment and Managerial Decision Making and Negotiation Genius

"In this book Stanovich shows unrivalled mastery of the psychological literatures on thinking, reasoning and decision making. Developing his dual process approach into a tripartite theory of the mind, he differentiates a number of distinct ways in which people can fail to solve judgment and reasoning tasks, several of which are unrelated to conventional measures of intelligence. This work has profound social as well as scientific implications for the interpretation of intelligence tests and the wider debate about human rationality. Strongly recommend reading for cognitive scientists, educators and test-designers alike. "

--Jonathan St B T Evans, Professor of Cognitive Psychology, Emeritus, School of Psychology University of Plymouth