The Rationality Quotient:

Templeton Foundation article on the Comprehensive Assessment of Rational Thinking

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Coert Visser Interview

MIT Press: Five Minutes with the Author

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PROSE Award: Education Theory

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Very comprehensive review in Thinking & Reasoning

by Josh Weller Weller_Review_TAR 2017.pdf

Review in Frontiers in Psychology Makay_Frontiers.pdf

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Journal of Behavioral Economics for Policy  Chernov_JBEP.pdf

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Quillette essay on the relative rationality of the Trump voters:

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E. L. Thorndike Career Achievement Award    Talk     Q&A

io9: A Test to Measure How Rational You Really Are  link

WFPL:  What Intelligence Tests Miss  Stanovich_WFPL.mp3

Grawemeyer Award interview  link

Grawemeyer Lecture   Stanovich_Grawemeyer_Lecture.m4v

Interview conducted by Coert Visser:  What Intelligence Tests Miss


Rationality, Evolution, and the Meme Concept  (May, 2007)


Smart People Doing Stupid Things (September, 2003)


Point of Inquiry:  The Robot’s Rebellion  link

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